Social Media Policy

We, TOMY Company, Ltd. and its Group companies (hereinafter, “the Group”), shall ensure appropriate communication in our use of the official social media accounts and our employees’ participation in social media, pursuant to our Social Media Policy as detailed below.


1. Objectives

The Group uses social media to collect opinions and feedback from customers, grasp their true needs and gain deep understanding of such needs, and to promote not only the products of the Group but also the passion that our employees have for those products. Through our sincere and frank communication with customers, we will strive to improve customer satisfaction and brand value, and win more trust from our customers, aiming to become a company that continues to be cherished and supported.


2. Operation Policy

The Group’s employees responsible for operating the Group’s official social media account(s) shall use social media by following the operation policy set forth below, in addition to basic manners.


2-1. Seriously listen to customers’ feedback and proactively provide information to maximize the benefit of customers, so as to improve mutual understanding.

2-2. Ensure communication that is respectful of the values of our customers and any other parties relevant to the Group.

2-3. Respect and uphold basic human rights, intellectual property rights and privacy rights, and pay attention not to infringe these rights.

2-4. In addition to compliance with laws and regulations, conform to internal rules, including the Group’s standard of behavior, Code of Ethics for Commercialization and Code of Ethics for Media and Expressions, and remain mindful not to deviate from sound social norms.

2-5. Engage in posting with full understanding that information on social media may be accessed by an unspecified number of users, and that information may not completely be deleted once posted.

2-6. If an error or misleading expression is found in posted information, respond thereto in sincere manner, such as by promptly revising such information, thereby ensuring correct understanding.

2-7. Maintain a strong sense of self-awareness and responsibility as an employee of the Group and engage in social media communication with common sense and moderation.

2-8. Make thorough use of cybersecurity measures to protect personal information and confidential information, both internal and external.


3. Guidelines applied to Employees

On top of this Policy, the Group has set forth guidelines for all employees on the use of social media. In these guidelines, employees responsible for the Group’s official social media account(s), in addition to all other employees engaging in social media communication, are required to fully understand these guidelines, which include standard expressions to be used in social media, and engage in social communication with common sense and moderation. Particularly, the Group’s official social media accounts are allowed for use only by employees who have completed the training programs on compliance and moral, and social media contents shall go through the approval process for posting, during which they are checked by multiple reviewers.


4. Announcement and Request to Social Media Users

4-1. Information posted on social media from the Group’s official account(s) or by employees of any Group company, does not necessarily represent the Group’s official announcement/view. Please acknowledge this in advance. Official announcements and views are posted on the Group’s official website, or issued in press release or other forms.

4-2. Most social media have an age restriction to prevent children from getting involved in crime and avoid bullying among them. Please see social media terms of use and privacy policy in advance.

4-3. The Company may delete posts if the post falls in any of the following cases, regardless of the user’s intent.

- Criminal or other illegal activities, or other posts that may fall in such activities

- Breaches of personal rights, or other posts that may infringe such rights

- Posts that may be contrary to public order and standards of decency.


5. TOMY Asia’s social media official accounts